Wired, Tech Target, and MSPToday Discuss the Challenges of Keeping Data Secure

With many still maintaining the assumption that if you manage and protect the physical computer, you’re managing and protecting the data, it should come as little surprise that trends like consumerization of IT and BYOD have made keeping data secure a hot topic in technology.

These recent articles form WIREDTech Target, and MSPToday discuss some of the concerns being faced by the enterprise while trying to keep data safe:

WIRED: Think Server-based VDI Keeps Your Data Secure? Think Again.

In a recent byline for WIRED Innovation Insights, Moka5 Founder and CTO, John Whaley discusses the security risks associated with deploying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the biggest of which being endpoint security. As John explains, “ While data applications reside in the data center, the endpoint itself can easily become a ‘front door’ into corporate systems.”

Tech Target: Six Ways Consumerization Leads to Data Leaks

As Matt Kosht explains in this article for Tech Target, “Consumerization has made employees more productive, but it has also created more risks for data leaks.” BYOD, app stores, and cloud storage are among the six ways consumerization leads to data leaks according to Kosht. There are however, ways to decrease these data leaks. For instance, although some cloud storage options tempt users to keep files in the cloud and access them from anywhere, “you can tightly manage documents with tools such as WatchDox and Moka5 for iOS. These products encrypt document and put rules around their use.”

MSPToday: When it Comes to BYO, Securing the End Device is a Losing Proposition for the Enterprise

As Moka5 Senior VP of Marketing, David Appelbaum explains in his interview with TMCnet contributing editor, Laura Stotler, “There will always be ways to thwart device security and device management. Don’t manage the device, assumer the device is corrupted.” Although Stotler considers it a bold approach, with the push towards BYO, she also considers “Moka5’s concept of protecting data and not individual devices…a sound one.”


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