Enforce the proper security measures by completely locking down a corporate environment without impacting how users configure and personalize their devices. How? With Moka5’s secure container for PCs and Macs.

Built-in AVG anti-virus constantly monitors for key loggers and screen scrapers, and ensures these are not present on the host computer at startup.

Policy-enforced container keeps corporate data separate from personal files

AES 256 encryption of the container ensures compliance with data security standards and privacy regulations

Tamper-resistance and copy protection keeps the virtual desktop from being moved or edited

LDAP/AD integration, two-factor authentication support ensures that you can use your existing access control processes

130+ granular security policies give IT full control over the container

Remote revoke or kill allows you to wipe the encrypted container from lost or stolen devices over the Internet or through a timeout mechanism

Central Control — Full Mobility

Using a single console, IT can configure over 130 container access and security policies, including encryption of the container and all corporate data inside and a timed “kill switch” (revoke access or delete container if there has been no connection to the corporate network for a specified number of days).  These policies are enforced even when the device is not connected.

While IT has long since given up wresting control of the desktop from end users, a corporate image in a secure container is a different story. Here, politically, it’s possible to withhold admin privileges, implement stringent security configurations, and tightly control software installations and updates.