Empower your workforce. Stay secure. Cut the strings. Moka5 is Enterprise AnyWare.

Enterprise AnyWare for the Everywhere Enterprise

Today, all computing is mobile computing. The majority of computing devices—from notebooks to tablets to smartphones—are designed to bring MIPS to where and when they’re needed to perform critical business functions. But as these devices continue to evolve, it becomes increasingly difficult—and expensive – for IT organizations to support them all. Moreover, with ubiquitous network access and cloud- based solutions assuming a larger portion of the enterprise solution profile, trying to secure all these devices is an exercise in futility. Using legacy endpoint security configuration management solutions in their new mobile device management disguise only succeeds in preventing productive mobile device utilization. Indeed all legacy IT and systems security practices are based on the premise that the device is the center of the IT universe, while ignoring far more valuable critical data.

It’s time to stop the insanity.

Introducing Moka5 – Enterprise AnyWare.

Moka5 fundamentally transforms enterprise end user computing. The M5 platform creates a highly elastic enterprise perimeter where consistent user data and applications are delivered as simply-managed and highly-secure workspaces to popular end-user devices. The device is no longer the center of the action—the stream of data and applications becomes the real focus. Why spend significant cycles and cash managing and locking down commodity hardware designed to be disposed, when the priceless IP generated on those devices remains exposed and vulnerable to user malfeasance?

M5 Enterprise AnyWare delivers:
  • Agile Management
  • Secure Access
  • Device-aware Data

Centralized Control – Distributed Trust

Moka5 requires significantly less management overhead than legacy endpoint security/management or MDM solutions, while offering far more functionality than legacy VDI tools. Moka5 effectively takes your IT organization out of the endpoint procurement, management and deployment business.

New employees, field-based workers or contractors can be provisioned or decommissioned within minutes—without additional server or storage capacity, and regardless of computer make, model, smartphone or tablet. In addition, sensitive documents and IP can be securely shared among a select group of users with vastly more security than cloud-based file sharing options. Most of all, your workers can be both productive and secure online or offline.

Moka5 enables IT to retain centralized control, while allowing for distributed end-user trust for devices and networks creating real enterprise productivity!

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