Moka5 is designed around an approach of central management with local execution.  Moka5’s management server distributes images and updates through the network or over the Internet, down to individual users’ machines.

Users use M5 Player to run LivePC images on their local computers.  Running images locally provides the best user experience, allows users to run images offline, and requires the simplest management architecture. Players check in periodically with the M5 Management Server for any updates.  IT administrators can efficiently update a single image and centrally control policies. Moka5’s architecture then takes care of the distribution.

For on-going management and updates, Moka5 is the only unified solution that offers 2 options:

Layered – separates the base image from user-installed apps (if you allow this in your image) and user files. This enables administrators to deliver small delta updates when changes to the image or software patches are needed. In the event a user’s image becomes corrupted, users can “rejuvenate” their system layer in just minutes to return to a clean base image while retaining their files, eliminating the need to take the computer in for a complete re-imaging. User apps must be maintained separately either by the user or through a systems management agent.

Non-Layered – Organizations with sophisticated implementations of systems management tools and existing robust patch management processes may prefer to manage the distributed LivePC images entirely through a management agent inside the image. Here a non-layered approach is used. However, if a new base image is ever needed, the entire image file (often 8+ GB) must be redistributed.

Moka5 is a next-generation solution harnessing the power of virtualization to transform how desktops are delivered, managed and secured. Moka5 provides IT organizations a virtual desktop solution that blends enterprise security and policy control with end user flexibility and ease-of-use.  It provides an extensive set of features that supports both Windows and Macintosh computers. Unlike other virtual desktop-management solutions, Moka5 includes many advantages and patent-pending technologies that have transformed the desktop-virtualization experience.