M5 LivePC is a policy-enforced, simply managed client-based containerization solution that uses Type 2 client-side virtualization technology to deliver a fully configured, highly secured corporate Windows workspace that is completely isolated from the underlying host. M5 LivePC enables a wide range of high profile enterprise initiatives, including BYOD/PCcontractorsmobile/remote workers, and offshore developers that require secure, anytime, any bandwidth access to corporate applications and data. Key benefits for both enterprise IT and business users are:

Local execution Users can access corporate data and applications even offline – and be productive anywhere, anytime.
Strong security Fully protects corporate workspaces from unauthorized access and malware on the untrusted endpoints. Additionally, IT can wipe the encrypted container off lost or stolen devices either by sending a signal from the Moka5 Server or by setting a time bomb during offline operation.
Policy enforcement Granular policy enforcement can be executed at the organizational, group, or individual level – including remote revoke or kill capabilities. Policy controls can be set as desired to prohibit file transfers via USBs, drag/drop, or copy/paste from secure container to host – stopping any potential data leakage in its tracks.
Data segregation Clear separation of enterprise and personal workspaces guards against data loss while protecting corporate data and user privacy.
Layering One golden image reduces the complexity and cost of distributing and patching operating systems and applications across myriad device types while preserving user-specific data and customization.
Rejuvenation Users can recover from a malware attack (break/fix) in just minutes on their own using the rejuvenation feature, lowering tech support costs while enjoying uninterrupted productivity.
Zero touch, automatic updates System layer updates are automatic on every boot, giving IT confidence that critical software is always up to date on user devices. Managing the whole process directly from one central console, IT can automatically roll back the image to the previous working version if updates fail.
Self-service provisioning Speeding user on-boarding while saving IT time and money from manual PC provisioning.



M5 LivePC is a secure container delivered to both corporate-owned and user-owned computing devices using client-side desktop virtualization. The M5 LivePC key capabilities include:

Local execution. LivePC ensures user productivity both online and offline by granting users secure access to corporate applications and data from any Mac or Windows-based PC.
Strong security. Key protection features include:

  • Built-in anti-virus scanning the host device prior to user login (secure container will deny user access if the host is infected)
  • AES 256 encryption for the container
  • Active Directory integration for user authentication
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data leakage controls that can manage things like USB access to intellectual property
  • The ability to temporarily revoke or permanently kill the corporate container on any endpoint


Policy-enforcement. More than 130 management and security policies on a single, unified platform that can be optimized for all enterprise environments and requirements.
Data segregation. A clear separation of enterprise and personal workspaces protects corporate data as well as user privacy.
Layering architectureM5 layering separates a monolithic enterprise desktop image into virtual layers that can be managed individually.

  • Dynamically composited layers provide a single unified view of the system.
  • Standardization on a golden image, also called the system layer, consisting of a Windows OS and corporate applications shared by all users.
  • Separation of user data and user-installed applications from the golden image gives end-users the ability to personalize their workspaces with user-installed applications and user-generated data.


Rejuvenation. Layering enables quick self-recovery, so users can easily restore the system and user-installed application layers after a malware attack while preserving the personal data layer.
Zero touch, automatic updates of delta changes to the system layer simplify all on-going patch and corporate application updates.
Self-service provisioning. M5 endpoint provisioning is designed with user self-service in mind. The easy, guided step-by-step installation process streamlines IT’s support for provisioning virtual desktop to the users.