Users consume corporate data from their mobile devices on the go: reading a PDF file, reviewing a word doc or PowerPoint presentation. M5 LiveData allows them to be connected to critical corporate information at all times – working offline or securely online without the need for a VPN client.

Local execution Users can access corporate data anywhere, anytime – even offline.
Strong security & policy enforcement Fully protects corporate data from unauthorized access attempts, lost or stolen devices, outside attackers on the untrusted endpoints. Comprehensive mobile policies give IT full control over a complete locked down (read-only) of the LiveData container, or granting users permissions to open files in whitelisted external applications, or allow files to be saved back in the container. IT can wipe the encrypted container off lost or stolen devices either by sending a signal from the Moka5 Server or by setting a time bomb during offline operation.
Data segregation with layering Clear separation of enterprise and personal workspaces protects corporate data as well as user privacy.
Self-service provisioning Easy download requiring no IT support.



M5 LiveData extends data continuity by giving your mobile workforce secure access to corporate network resources and file shares from their iOS devices. A policy-enforced container, LiveData operates on personal (or corporate-owned) iOS devices and allows IT to manage the container without sacrificing user’s privacy and control of their mobile devices.

Local execution. With LiveData, users can securely view files, including desktop files, Windows File Shares, SharePoint, and internal web pages, from their iPad and iPhone, and even cache them locally for offline use.
Strong security. Key protection features include:

  • Active Directory (AD) integration for user authentication
  • Existing AD access permissions determine individual users’ access to Windows file shares
  • Moka5 ticketing authentication mechanism ensures that only authorized devices can connect to internal network resources
  • Securely browse internal web apps without a VPN client on an iOS device
  • Remotely revoke or wipe LiveData on a lost or stolen iOS device
  • Encrypted network traffic (sent as http over SSL) prevents man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Encrypted data on local storage – secure data using AES-128 encryption


Policy-enforcement. More than 130 management and security policies on a single, unified platform, including if or how data can be shared outside the LiveData container.

  • Data restrictions: restrictions on copying, sending or receiving corporate files to and from external apps, or attaching files to email
  • “Whitelisting” gives IT the ability to allow interaction between the secure container and permitted external apps on the iOS device
  • Passcode Lock Settings: enforce passcode history, passcode complexity, and passcode change frequency
  • Security Settings: set offline lease time (suspend) or offline auto-kill time (secure wipe) if the LiveData container fails to communicate with the Management Server
  • Control Favorites and Trusted Sites for secure web browsing


Data segregation with layering. Separation of corporate data and internal web apps from personal data, settings, and apps.
Self-service provisioning. Users can easily download LiveData from the Apple App Store.