M5 for Simplified Management

With trusty laptops in tow, business happens where your employees happen to be in: commute, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, you name it – working remotely is a fact of business life. Managing and securing endpoints in motion is a growing challenge that simply can’t be ignored.

Being able to easily manage, update, and deploy a new image to every employee’s computing device in the shortest possible time is critical for distributing new applications, patches, or security fixes, while ensuring end-user productivity and lower cost per user.

M5 for Simplified Management enables IT to manage employees and contractors from one unified management console. With more than 130 policy settings, you can configure the appropriate level of security and access company-wide, for a single department, or individual workers. Meanwhile, automated software updates and self-deployed rejuvenation means less time spent working hands-on with individual users. No more bringing laptops in from the field and spending days updating them in bulk. Using M5 for Simplified Management ensures all your endpoints are up to date and secure as needed – not when they happen to be in town. And with full remote wiping capability, lost devices are never a problem with M5!

Benefits of the M5 for Simplified Management Solution:

  • Simplified image management, updating, and wiping
  • Unified management console for laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • High-performance in low bandwidth, remote locations
  • Policy-based secure corporate access regardless of device or network
  • Secure container eliminates data leaks and IP loss
  • Built in anti-malware includes AV and anti-intrusion capability
  • Increased end-user productivity and growth