M5 for Simplified Cybersecurity

The number of computing devices being carried into the enterprise daily is increasing at such velocity that IT can no longer effectively track exactly who or what is accessing corporate data and where it’s being stored off the network. In addition, laptops, which were once exclusively provided by the company are now a significant part of BYOD/PC programs – those MacBook Airs are simply too tempting! The need for a comprehensive cybersecurity plan to meet the needs of all these devices has never been more critical!

Unfortunately, most available solutions come up short on a number of fronts: they focus exclusively on either PCs or phones/tablets or cram so many agents trying to manage the physical device and all its parameters that it severely impacts user productivity. Moreover, neither type of solution effectively isolates personal data and applications from corporate ones during actual use. Moka5 takes a radically different approach by focusing on managing and securing only the corporate data and applications and essentially ignoring the state of the physical device.

M5 for simplified cybersecurity provides a secure desktop container in which runs a fully-configured, managed, and encrypted corporate desktop. Because Moka5 assumes the host is not-trustworthy, it’s architected to keep out malware and viruses that may reside on that host. Moreover, M5 fully isolates corporate data and applications from the personal, making it easier to implement a secure BYOD/PC program and minimize data leakage. In addition, M5 enables secure access to corporate data across multiple devices regardless of network. Whether using public internet or private VPN all browser sessions and data are fully-encrypted ensuring all transactions remain secure.

Benefits of the M5 for Simplified Cybersecurity Solution:

  • Secure container eliminates data leaks and IP loss
  • Secure container protects against viruses or malware the may infect the host device
  • Security at endpoints and communication in between
  • Seven layers of security
  • Policy-based secure corporate access