M5 for Offshore Development

Global enterprises need to be able to conduct business anywhere in the world. This includes leveraging offshore development. Contractors and employees working in regions with inconsistent network connectivity need a way to stay productive; otherwise, the cost benefits of offshore development are lost to the inability to work efficiently. In addition, the opportunity for data leaks or IP theft is high due to the difficulties of maintaining oversight on remote workstations.

When looking to maximize offshore development productivity and cost savings, enterprises must balance the need for secure IP and network access. Offline capabilities that may augment or replace VDI, and simplified endpoint management are critical for offshore teams of corporate employees. Preventing the theft of critical IP is core to any IT organization looking to maximize their offshore development efforts.

To prepare an offshore development operation, corporate IT must first provision the development environment and applications. Gaining access to relevant information and existing code most likely means granting VPN access to standard building and development tools. Included in the challenges of offshore development is controlling how source code is seen and used as well as where it sits. For example, there’s a lack of control over whether the newly-developed code sits on a dedicated box. Although contractional obligations may include these requirements and the permission to audit, the remote nature of offshore development makes audits difficult-to-impossible to enforce.

Benefits of the M5 for Offshore Development Solution:

  • Security at endpoints and communication in between
  • Contract of how code is seen and where information sits
  • Access to fully-provisioned development environment with access to development tools
  • High-performance and fast development and testing in low bandwidth remote locations
  • Policy-based secure corporate access
  • Secure container eliminates data leaks and IP loss
  • Simplified image management, updating, and wiping
  • Offline capability enables productivity even in low bandwidth environments