M5 for Mobile Workforce

Although mobile workforce usually refers to company employees who may be road warriors or who work in remote branch offices, in today’s world almost all employees are mobile workers. With the proliferation of laptops, tablets and smartphones throughout the organization, it’s nearly impossible to discern between a mobile worker and someone commuting to and from their office.

For workers whose primary job is to be mobile, corporate policies vary. In some cases, employees may use personal computing devices, but in other cases, corporate-owned devices only. How corporate networks, apps and data are accessed remotely varies as well, from VPN to less secure files sharing. In addition, IT’s support and management of these moving endpoints are often opportunistic, with IT providing software upgrades and less critical support when the mobile worker visits headquarters.

IT’s priorities around mobile workforce support include providing secure corporate access, enforcing compliance policies, managing far-reaching endpoints and attempting to provide some offline capabilities. Meanwhile, to meet the need for increased productivity and growth, today’s mobile workforce must be able to access corporate data and apps anytime, anywhere (online or offline) and from any device.

Benefits of the M5 for Mobile Workforce Solution:

  • Policy-based secure corporate access regardless of device or network
  • Secure container eliminates data leaks & IP loss
  • Simplified image management, updating, and wiping
  • Unified management console for laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Increased end-user productivity and growth
  • Offline capability enables productivity even in low bandwidth environments