M5 for Mergers and Acquisitions

Enterprises participate in a merger or acquire another company for business growth. Key to the success of a merger or acquisition is to rationalize the IT infrastructure of two organizations into a single infrastructure and ensure that new workstation images, apps, and data are delivered down to every employee as fast as possible.

Being able to easily create, manage, and deploy new images to every employees’ computer or device in minutes and hours not days and weeks is key for deploying new infrastructure and ensuring end-user productivity.

Benefits of the M5 for Mergers and Acquisitions Solution:

  • Policy-based secure corporate access regardless of device or network
  • Simplified image management, updating, and wiping
  • Increased end-user productivity and growth
  • Secure container eliminates data leaks & IP loss
  • Improved employee (end-user) experience
  • Unified management console for laptops, tablets and smartphones