M5 for Legal

Legal firms both large and small are adjusting to the BYOD/PC revolution. In particular, they are struggling to secure the sensitive information needed for lawyers to conduct business.

Ensuring secure communication between lawyers and clients, and secure transmission of legal documents, is the top priority of IT teams at legal firms. Unfortunately, legacy approaches to end-user security, not designed for a BYOD/PC world, are often inadequate for such purposes.

The Solution: Moka5

Moka5 secures corporate access, increases user productivity, and simplifies IT management, even for the most complex scenarios in the legal industry.

Focus on protecting the data

Moka5 secures corporate access and intellectual property by focusing on protecting the corporate data, not the devices. The Moka5 solution is an encrypted, fully-managed corporate desktop running as an application on any computing device accessible from any network. Its secure container isolates the corporate OS, applications, and data from those on the host machines. Even in a BYOD/PC or contract workforce situation where IT traditionally has limited ability to manage computing devices or individual behavior, Moka5’s policy-based secure container ensures IT total control over who has access to corporate applications and data, and what they are – or are not – allowed to do with sensitive information (such as saving files on a USB or CD, or copy files from the corporate desktop to the personal host computer).

With the corporate workspace securely contained on the endpoint, Moka5 ensures multiple layers of protections and defenses around the data including:

  • Scanning the host for errant processes
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Authentication controls for virtual desktop access, including two-factor authentication
  • Remote access revocation or complete wipe of corporate workspace from a centralize console (in case of device theft or loss)
  • Automated disabling of peripherals (such as USB and CD drives)
  • Blocking network traffic from unauthorized devices
  • Enforcement of mobile-specific policies (keycodes or passwords, timeouts, etc.)

Reap capital and operational cost savings

Law firms can realize significant CapEx savings by using Moka5. How?

  • By requiring contractors and remote employees to use their own computing devices. Through a BYOD/PC initiative with Moka5 as the underlying secure container technology, firms can save on hardware cost for every contractor they hire globally.
  • By reducing the budget needed to maintain a continually secure endpoint infrastructure. Secure, Moka5-driven application distribution, patch updates, OS migration, and other centralized endpoint management functionality drives security up and costs down. Critical to this efficient management approach is the Moka5 container technology that enables IT to run large updates just once on their golden image. The corporate OS and applications update automatically on every boot, so there’s no need for costly user-side visits.

Boost employee productivity

With layering to streamline image deployment, Moka5 accelerates employee on-boarding. By allowing IT or the user to “rejuvenate” an image in under a minute (in many cases), Moka5 further reduces time and productivity loss that might otherwise occur due to malware infection or other mishap. And thanks to Moka5′s offline capability, remote workers can operate within their secure enterprise workspaces anywhere, anytime.

Case Study

Top Silicon Valley law firm Wilson Sonsini asked its IT department to revise its endpoint strategy. They wanted the option to choose a Mac that could run personal applications, such as Apple iTunes, as well as Windows applications for business.

Wilson Sonsini’s CIO turned to Moka5, an end-to-end desktop management solution that lets IT deploy a corporate image in a secure container across multiple platforms — both Mac and PC. With Moka5, the virtual OS can be centrally managed, controlled, and updated in a user-transparent manner.

The firm’s lawyers can now choose from two PC models and a Mac. So far, half of the firm’s lawyers have picked Macs, and the CIO recommends Macs because virtualized Windows apps often perform better on Mac hardware. And, along with a performance boost, Moka5 makes software updates easy.

“Being able to send bit updates has dramatically changed how we do them,” the CIO said. “Before, we’d have to stagger and monitor updates because we knew the disruption they would have on users. With Moka5, it’s incredibly quick.”

The administrative staff now have both Office 2003 and a virtualized Office 2007 on the same computer. “The Office versions don’t tread on each other, and administrators can convert to Office 2007 at their own pace,” the CIO said.

All of this has led to a 20% reduction in support calls.

Still more benefits may be realized in future through an increased selection of end-user applications. “Here in Silicon Valley, lawyers are discovering new apps all the time for both personal and business use,” said the CIO, adding that Moka5 lets him consider apps regardless of platform.

Freedom of choice has also improved the relationship between lawyers and the IT department and enhanced the firm’s PR.

“There’s buzz among attorneys that if you work for us, you get to use a Mac,” the CIO said. “Moka5 lets us embrace consumer technology and personalization, while at the same time ensuring a managed, secure environment.”