M5 for BYO

An increasing number of corporations are adopting or evaluating BYO policies. Whether from a cost savings, productivity or employee satisfaction perspective, corporate policies allowing employees’ personal devices (i.e., employee picked/purchased laptop, tablets, smartphones etc.) to be used for work are being deployed throughout the enterprise. Road warriors, contractors, even senior executives, are all equipping themselves with the latest smartphones, tablets, and even light weight laptops, and all of them need to be managed and secured.

Ensuring secure access to corporate networks, apps and data, IP protection and simplified endpoint management; IT must find a way to gain visibility and control of these devices without crippling their functionality or becoming Big Brother. M5 solves today’s enterprise computing paradox by supporting end-users’ need to increase their productivity on the device of their choice anywhere/anytime and IT’s need for centralized control.

Benefits of the M5 for BYO Solution:

  • Policy-based secure corporate access regardless of device or network
  • Secure container eliminates data leaks and IP loss
  • Reduction of CapEx costs related to corporate supplied laptops
  • Increased end-user productivity and growth
  • Improved employee (end-user) experience that helps recruit and retain talented employees
  • Simplified image management, updating, and wiping
  • Unified management console for laptops, tablets smartphones
  • Offline capability enables productivity even in low bandwidth environments