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Moka5 is the only solution available today that offers a single infrastructure for centrally managing locally-executed virtual desktops on Windows, Macs, and bare metal. This eliminates the need for massive datacenter infrastructure, enables easy offline use of the virtual desktop, and can operate in low-bandwidth / high-latency network connections.

The light-weight, scalable architecture includes the following components:

M5 Console – a web-based console for IT to set container policies, configure LDAP integration and create local users and groups as needed, deploy and manage images, and create reports.

M5 Management Server – the management component that is installed on a server, which allows you to manage LivePC images, and requires a small SQL server installation.

M5 Creator – creates, updates, tests and uploads the LivePC images to the M5 Management Server

M5 App Gateway – unique architecture enables communication between the management server and LivePCs over the Internet for authentication, policy updates, player updates, and image updates.

M5 Image Store – houses corporate “golden images” for download to local machines. Primary and replica options enable you to put the images as close as possible to groups of users in different geographies for faster download.

M5 Player – a client-based application for end users to access and run LivePC.

M5 LivePCs – one or more virtual desktop images in a special Moka5 format that allows the same image to be run on Windows, on Mac or directly on the hardware without the need for a host OS (bare metal). LivePC images can be joined to an AD domain without requiring a reboot, and they remain joined through image updates.

With the exception of Player and Creator, each of these components can be installed on the same server, including virtual servers. The best configuration, however, will be decided based on your usage scenario.  For a discussion on different deployment options, please contact us.